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Iron Railing Styles to Fit Your House or Apartment Building

An apartment
Balconies are essentially small decks. One of the big distinguishing features is that balconies project out from a building from an upper story. Balconies are the method of adding outdoor living space to apartment buildings. However, you see them in houses when space simply doesn't allow for a deck.

Every balcony needs a sturdy railing for safety. Iron is a sturdy and durable material that is also attractive and adaptable to different styles. Below are some styling ideas for your balcony's iron railing. 

Curved Balcony

Whether you're talking about arches or other round forms, curves offer a classical appeal in architecture. Architects often add semi-circular shapes to modern buildings to emphasize the geometry of all the angles found in the style.

Interior balconies add an extra design consideration. The railing itself may help drive the décor style of the room. Homeowners will need to decide if they want the balcony and its railing to take center stage or be a subtle backdrop to the rest of the décor.

If you have a modern building with a curved exterior balcony, consider keeping the lines of the railing simple. You may want straight pickets that end in a simple top rail. You could also add a ringed double railing to the top to emphasize the curves in the design.

Typically, you see curved balconies on old-world houses, especially those inspired by the Mediterranean. Flourishes and other ornamentation are common with these balconies to emphasize the elegance of the curved shape. One adaptation you often see is avoiding the standard black for a coppery brown finish, which is more in tune with the Mediterranean palette.

Juliet Balcony Railing

The Juliet balcony consists of a railing in front of a door or over-sized window on an upper floor. While some Juliet balconies might feature a small deck for you to step outside, most simply provide a protective barrier over the opening. Juliet balconies allow you to open up an upper-story room to the outdoors without the involved construction of adding a full balcony.

With the Juliet balcony, you could use any style of iron railing that provides the safety you need for your upper-floor opening. However, because of the connotations with Juliet from Shakespeare's romance, you often see more elaborate wrought iron styles. Indeed, you often see railings that curve out from the building's facade so that you can lean out or place trailing plants.

To choose a Juliet balcony, try to conform to the style of your house while implementing that romantic ambience. If your house is more modern, consider straight pickets with some subtle geometric flourishes. For a country or cottage style house, simple curves might work well. For any historical style, though, consider highly ornamented balcony railings.

Rectangular Balcony

Rectangular balconies are probably the most common, especially with apartment buildings. Any style of building can feature a rectangular balcony, so you have many different options for the railing. Generally speaking, match the railing style to the building style.

Concerning apartment owners specifically, balconies are one of your big selling points. Therefore, you don't want to skimp on the railing style - potential renters will be scrutinizing that space. What's more, rows of balconies will be visible from the street, so passersby will develop opinions of your building based on the balconies. And the railing is the most visible aspect.

So, to that end, try to choose statement balconies. If your building is historical, look at some of the elaborate railing styles. If you want to emphasize an Art Deco appeal, consider balconies with mixed shapes. For a modern building, simple, straight rails are fine if they emphasize the beauty of your modern apartments.

Safety is the main concern when choosing a balcony rail. However, choose a sturdy balcony that also adds beauty. Capitol City Iron Works has a wide range of balcony railing styles for you to choose from.