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4 Ways to Use Iron Fencing for Family Homes

Wrought iron fence
As you choose fencing designs for your home, there are many materials and options to choose. For something strong and long lasting, iron fencing is a common choice. Iron is a durable fencing material that offers many extra safety features for the home.

There are multiple ways to add iron fencing to the exterior of your home and provide safety for your children, regardless of their age. Browse through the various installation ideas to learn the best ways to use iron fencing while adding both style and safety to the home.

1. Stair Railings

Young children are often clumsy, still learning their fine motor skills and need support to get around various areas like stairs. Install stair railings on any type of ramp or stairway on the exterior of your home or in the yard. The strength and security of stair railings provide extra support and balance for children to climb up and down stairs on a daily basis.

The railings are helpful during the winter months where snow, ice, and slush may all create slipping hazards on the exterior of your home. Children have more control and balance when they use a railing. Add a symmetrical look to stairs around your home with the use of dual railings. A railing on each side gives children something to grasp on to no matter where they are on the staircase.

2. Pool Fences

One of the more dangerous parts of a home exterior is an exposed swimming area. If children have easy access to a pool, you worry about them accidentally falling in and possibly drowning. Help prevent these incidents by having an iron pool fence installed at the home.

These fences will surround the pool area, offering no gaps or openings where a child may sneak in. Along with the iron fence, install an iron gate with proper security to prevent the gate from easily opening.

Add further protection on the gate by placing an audible alarm on the entrance. When the alarm goes off, you will know if anyone has tried to enter the pool area. The loud blaring noise can be heard from inside the home and draws attention where needed.

3. Driveway Gates

The driveway provides a great place of fun and leisure for children. Children play numerous driveway games and create beautiful chalk designs on the pavement. One concern with children playing in the driveway is having them enter the street or having a vehicle come into the driveway without warning.

Add some extra protection by installing an iron driveway fence and gate. The gate extends across the width of the driveway and works in two ways: the gate prevents other vehicles like delivery trucks from pulling into the driveway, and it prevents children from going out onto the street from the end of the driveway.

The solid iron design also adds an elegant look to the home and may be custom-made to show off a number of features.

4. Porch and Balcony Rails

Any high locations on your home may be dangerous. Help protect your children and prevent high falls by installing porch and balcony rails. The rails provide you with durability, protection, and a number of designs.

Custom-designed iron fence rails may feature cross bars to prevent a child from squeezing through or trying to stick body parts through the fence. Add multiple cross bars for extra protection to prevent anything dangerous from occurring. Rails may be built higher than normal as well to help discourage climbing.

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