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4 FAQs About Wrought Iron Fences

Iron Fences
If you are considering getting a fence installed around your property, you’ve likely realized just how many options are available when it comes to fencing. Some of the most popular options include fences that are made out of wood, aluminum, vinyl, bamboo, or chain link.

Whether the primary function of your fence is security, privacy, or curb appeal, you may also want to consider wrought iron for your fence. Wrought iron fences are becoming extremely popular — and for good reason, as this type of fence comes with many benefits.

Do you want to know more about wrought iron fences? Learn the answers to four frequently asked questions that will help you determine if this type of fence will suit your needs.

1. What Is Wrought Iron Made From?

You are probably familiar with iron, which is a metal that is commonly used in the construction and manufacturing industries. However, besides pure iron, various forms of this chemical element also exist. These include cast iron, pig iron, direct reduced iron (DRI), and wrought iron. Each type of iron is made of up different properties and characteristics, and each is used for specific purposes.

Wrought iron is actually an alloy that contains a low carbon content, as well as small amounts of other elements, including sulfur, phosphorus, silicon, and manganese. Wrought iron also contains something known as slag fibers. This makes it unique, as slag is not found in other types of ferrous metals.

Some of the characteristics of wrought iron that make it different from other types of iron include:
  • It can be bent or shaped without losing its strength. In other words, it is ductile.
  • It is malleable, which means that it can be worked into different shapes.
  • It has a high elasticity and high tensile strength.
These properties are what make wrought iron a great option when it comes to making fences.

2. What Are the Advantages of a Wrought Iron Fence?

If you want a cool-looking design at the top of your fence, a wrought iron fence is the way to go. Besides giving your property a classy, elegant look that will improve the curb appeal of your home, wrought iron fences also come with many other advantages.

Some of these advantages include:
  • Wrought iron is rust-resistant, unlike other types of iron.
  • Wrought iron is more durable than other types of materials and won't easily be damaged.
  • Wrought iron can be recycled, which makes it an environmentally friendly option.
In addition, wrought iron gates will keep your property safe, secure, and private, all while adding value to your home.

3. Are Wrought Iron Fences Expensive?

No type of gate is without its disadvantages, and one of the biggest cons of having a wrought iron fence is the expense. On average, a residential wrought iron gate that is 6 feet high can cost as much as $22 per linear foot. If you don't want to pay that much, you can opt for a wrought iron gate that is 3 feet high, which will cost about $14 per linear foot.

These prices can vary, as they depend on the location of the fence, the size of the property, and what type of ground the fence will be going into. With all the advantages that wrought iron has to offer, however, many homeowners agree that this type of fence is worth the cost.

4. Who Can I Call to Install a Wrought Iron Fence?

If you are considering a wrought iron fence, you need a professional company to install it for you. For high-quality fences and service, contact Capitol City Iron Works today.